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Hitachi Fugetsudo Co.,Ltd


Company name
Hitachi Fugetsudo Co.,Ltd
Name of representative
Koichi Fujita
Year of establishment
3 million yen
Main products
Manyokan (A steamed sweet bean jelly made with Ibaraki chestnuts)
Business details and awards
Established in 1948.
Our leading product Manyokan, received the silver prize at the Pentawards in 2022. In 2023, our company received the Long Termism Award in the Atotsugi Award.
Head office address
1773-1 Juocho Yamabe, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken 319-1307 Japan
Zip code
Contact person
Koichi Fujita
Phone Number

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  • Manyokan Kasama

    This steamed sweet bean jelly is made from "Kasama chestnuts" in Ibaraki, the largest chestnut production area in Japan. The chestnuts are purchased directly from chestnut farmers, and each chestnut is peeled by hand and flavored to bring out the characteristics of Kasama chestnuts. The moderate sweetness of Hokkaido azuki beans enhances the texture of the chestnuts. According to a poem in Manyoshu, Japan's oldest anthology of poetry, Ibaraki has been a chestnut-producing region since the Nara period (710-794). Enjoy this delicious taste that comes from 1,000 years of history and excellent modern-day craftsmanship.
  • Manyokan Iinuma

    “Manyokan Iinuma" is a steamed sweet bean jelly made with the large "Iinuma chestnuts" that bear only one fruit from a single bur. In order to maximize the original softness of the chestnut, it is aged for more than two weeks immediately after harvesting. This product is inlayed with only Iinuma chestnuts, known for being the highest quality brand of chestnut. The luxurious taste achieved through its careful craftsmanship makes this an ideal gift for special occasions.
  • Manyokan Hitachi

    This delicacy is abundantly filled with Japan’s finest chestnuts. Manyokan Hitachi is a steamed sweet bean jelly made with Iinuma chestnuts, the highest quality brand of chestnuts in Ibaraki Prefecture, the largest chestnut producer in Japan. Containing 80% chestnut, this product will satisfy any chestnut lover.


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