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Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.


Company name
Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.
Name of representative
Jinichi Kurosawa
Year of establishment
3 million yen
Main products
Soy sauce
Business details and awards
<Traditional storehouse nurtured by humans and nature >
Our traditional yeast and lactic acid bacteria that have historically inhabited our storehouse for many years. The traditional taste is created by the movements of microorganisms. Our wooden buckets have continued to be used since ancient times. Natural brewing that is aged long-term is made possible by the power of nature, through the four seasons.

<Tradition and Progress>
Our company engages in not only traditional soy sauce brewery, but also in producing new products with our soy sauce as a base. We sell sauces, soups, and soy sauce sweets. Our products can be used in a variety of ways and we strive to progress every day to bring you smiles during your meal time.
Head office address
1260 Mawatari, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki
Zip code
Contact person
Jinichi Kurosawa
Phone Number

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  • Jiuqu to drink Amazake(plane)

    This additive-free amazake (sweet sake) is made with rice malt from local rice. Since it is non-alcoholic and sugar-free, it is a fermented beverage that you can enjoy with peace of mind. Thanks to the natural sweetness of the malt, amazake is a versatile beverage perfect for many occasions.
  • Niemon (Re-prepared soy sauce)

    This naturally brewed soy sauce is made from carefully selected local ingredients and brewed in wooden barrels that have been passed down within the company (Kurosawa Soy Sauce Shop) for generations. Ordinary soy sauce is made from soybeans and wheat which form malted rice which is then fermented in brine, but ‘Niemon’ is a re-fermented soy sauce, made by using raw soy sauce instead of brine, which is matured for a long period of time. It is a full-bodied soy sauce, rich with original flavor and aroma.
  • Ponzu soy sauce with black vinegar

    All-purpose ponzu using freshly squeezed soy sauce and domestic brown rice black vinegar and yuzu. Black vinegar has a lot of citric acid and amino acids, so it became easier to take in by using ponzu vinegar. It can be used universally for pots, grilled fish, salads, meats, dumplings, tokoroten and natto.


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