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Sashima Tea Producer Export Council


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Sashima Tea Producer Export Council
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Koichi Matsuda
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Sashima tea has been cultivated since the Edo time period and is grown in the western regions of Ibaraki Prefecture. Its characteristics lie in its rich flavor and aroma generated by a nutritious soil and the winter’s cold.
Long ago during the Edo time period, when Matthew Calbraith Perry visited Japan, “Sashima tea” was among the first teas to be exported to the United States. An advantage of the sashimi tea producers export council is this old story that no other Japanese production regions have.
Each producer grows, produces and sells their own tea by themselves, so there is a high level of transparency from a food safety perspective.
Head office address
Minokuchi 113, Yukigun Yachiyomachi, Ibaraki
Contact person
Koichi Matsuda
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  • Cold brew HOJICHA

    The gentle aroma of roasted hojicha can be enjoyed by the whole family from young children to older adults. For brewing with water, please add one to two tea bags per litre of water. Matsuda Seicha's most popular product is available in packs of 30 tea bags. Additionally, you can also purchase it in a commercial size pack of 100 tea bags.
  • Yuzu Japanese Black Tea

    The refreshing scent and taste of yuzu match the sweet taste of Sarushima-cha Japanese black tea. Uses natural citron(YUZU) skin.


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