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“Takumi 1yama”, an artisanal baumkuchen and Japan Food Selection Gold Award Winner

Baumkuchen is a cake originating from Germany with a hole in the center similar to a doughnut.

In Japan, it is popular as a good-luck confectionery because of its cross section resembling the annual ring of a large tree and its unbroken circular shape, which evokes the image of longevity and prosperity.



Hanamizuki Co., Ltd. (Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture), which manufactures, sells, and wholesales baumkuchen and original tea blends, offers “Takumi 1yama” baumkuchen. This hard baumkuchen is baked carefully one by one by craftsmen using the finest ingredients.


This confectionery is characterized by its crispy outer layer and soft center, as well as its rich flavor.


It received the Gold Award at the Japan Food Selection in September 2023.



The secret to its delicious taste is special attention to the ingredients and craftsmanship.


The dough is made with flavorful “Yotsuba Hokkaido Fermented Butter” which is made by adding lactic acid bacteria to high-quality Hokkaido cream as well as highly rich “Okukuji eggs” from Hitachi Farm in Ibaraki Prefecture.  Skilled artisans then carefully bake the dough layer by layer, creating unique peak formations in each cake, making each confectionary a delightful work of art.



Since the exported baumkuchen are shipped frozen, they have a shelf life of 180 days when still frozen. After thawing, the shelf life is 40 days.

The standard defrosting time is 2 to 3 hours by natural defrosting.



This product is recommended not only for enjoying at home, but also as a gift for wedding celebrations, birthday celebrations, and gifts for friends, etc.