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“Uka”; The best and clearest taste with no off-flavor. A truly authentic sake!

Introducing “Uka” from Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd.


Meiri Shurui, a sake brewery that has been in business since the Edo period, is a comprehensive manufacturer of alcoholic beverages including brewing alcohol, sake, shochu, and fermented seasonings.


“Ogawa yeast”, developed by Meiri Shurui is used by many sake breweries and sake manufacturers throughout Japan. As the brewery where this yeast originated, Meiri Shurui is well-known in the industry.


“Uka” was a project inspired by the idea of achieving “the best with zero impurities”. This miraculous sake is the result of Mito City’s pure water, the passion of the sake brewery where the yeast originated, and the incredibly meticulous “Shizuku-otoshi”method.


Normally, sake is pressed in a short period of time using a machine called a “Yabuta,” which applies strong pressure.

In contrast, “Uka” is made by carefully collecting the drops that naturally fall from the cloth by gravity.



The important factors are the cloth and tank used.


In order to extract liquid that is free of any undesirable flavor, we manufactured a unique, silky smooth and fine mesh cloth. We also designed our own airtight tank to keep the drops from air exposure as much as possible.



Furthermore, the finished drops are tasted by the Tojichief brewer and owner of the brewery, and only the lots containing the concentrated, exquisite flavor with no impurities are bottled.


In addition, the bottles and wooden boxes are carefully hand-crafted one by one by skilled artisans.



The result of this labor-intensive and time-consuming process is the highest grade of sake with a clear and uncompromised taste.



Since the flavor of “Uka” is easily affected by room temperatures, it is kept refrigerated. We recommend enjoying its aroma over a meal while using a well-chilled wine glass with a stem. This prevents the temperature of your hand from being transferred to the sake.


Although “Uka” has a clear taste and is easy to drink, it has an alcohol content of 16%, so please drink with reservation.