Lots of roe!! Extra large Salted and Dried Capelin!

Capelin loved by Japanese people.

Capelin  is rich in nutrients like calcium that help in building strong teeth and bones.
Yamaishi Co., Ltd. is the only seafood processing company in Japan that specializes in “shishamo”, also known as capelin, and handles everything from purchasing to production of sales of Canadian capelin with its high roe count.

This time we’d like to introduce Yamaishi’s Salted and Dried Capelin. (Extra large 10pcs)

This product is made from dried Canadian capelin, which is characterized by their high roe count and density, and has already been exported to Vietnam and Singapore. 

Our staff, who are committed to ensuring a high roe count in shishamo, travel directly to Newfoundland, Canada, and Iceland during the fishing season to carefully inspect the fish before purchasing them, and then process them at our factory in Oarai town in Ibaraki, where hygiene is carefully controlled.  

Dried fish can become damaged soon after drying, so we make every effort to control the production temperature at every step of the process in order to keep the fish fresh. 

Using this product from frozen is easy and convenient. 
The easiest recommended cooking method is to grill or pan fry the shishamo from frozen. You can enjoy the texture of the roe filled shishamo. 

We also learned about some simple recipes that you can make from shishamo from Yamaishi’s manager.

Salted and Dried Capelin recommended recipe

Simmered Shishamo
Aproximately 2-3 servings
Prepare time roughly 20 minutes

Salted and Dried Capelin 230 grams
Water 100cc
Sake 30cc
Sugar 25 grams
Soy Sauce 15 cc

Preparation method
Place the frozen shishamo fish from the pack in a pot, add water, soy sauce, sake, and sugar, and bring to a boil. 

Reduce heat to low and continue to simmer for about 15 minutes while being careful not to burn. 
Tip: Allow to cool after simmering to allow the flavors to settle. 

We actually made it and tried it, and the roe dense shishamo and the sweet and spicy seasoning are the best match!
This recipe is recommended for everyone from children to the elderly, and is a great way to enjoy shishamo that has very dense roe.  The simmering process gives it a soft texture and keeps the fish moist throughout making it easy to eat. 

In addition to Salted and Dried Capelin, we also recommend deep frying the shishamo in batter!