Hinode-tsuru: Japanese Sake that keeps you wanting to eat.

Ibaraki Prefecture, located in eastern Japan, has the most breweries in Japan’s Kanto region. 
Established in 1818, Isaka Brewery is located in Satomi, Hitachiota City in Ibaraki. 
Satomi’s local sake is made from its bountiful nature and refreshing water, and has coined the motto “Good Sake to Drink”.  This sake can be enjoyed by everyone.  

Isaka Brewery’s model brand, “Hinode-tsuru”: sunrise and crane.
The brand was named after the sun that rises in the east.

This time we’ll introduce Hinode-tsuru sake; a drink made to be had with a meal. 

With a flavor that isn’t too overbearing and a nice aroma, this sake was born from the want to be able to enjoy Japanese sake while having a meal. 
Goes great with seafood that is fried, grilled, and dried, as well as sashimi and meat.

The soft and gentle flavor characteristic of Junmai sake has a refreshing rice flavor.
We recommend enjoying it after having been chilled. 
Particularly, we have heard paring this with seafood sauté or fritters are delicious, so this time we tried a pairing with squid fritters.  With a refreshing taste and aftertaste, Hinode-tsuru will complement any food you pair it with.  
A drink with a refreshing taste that leaves you wanting to take the next bite of food. 

Please be sure to enjoy Hinode-tsuru with your next meal.