Yuzu Shio Koji: delicious and healthy with the power of Koji!

Shio Koji; A salted rice malt made out of water, rice and salt.

Salted rice malts are filled with vitamins like B2 and B6 which allows for easy maintenance of healthy skin.  Packed with enzymes, it is also great for helping with digestive aid.  Shio Koji has comparatively less sodium than other options which makes it a very popular seasoning with women. 

This time, we have combined that very same Shio Koji with aroma filled yuzu fruit in order to bring you “Yuzu Shio Koji”.

Yuzu Shio Koji is manufactured by Nousou Co., ltd.; a rice manufacturing company with over 300 years of history dating back to the Edo Period. 

They produce rice using organic fertilizer as well as other products using rice malts.

Nousou Co., ltd. manufactures rice with consistency and great consideration for things like the moon cycles and its effect on crop raising.  When the Shio Koji has finished fermentation after a many month process of maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels, sea salt from Oshima Island south of Tokyo Metropolis, and the decadent yuzu fruit from Kochi Prefecture are added to complete Yuzu Shio Koji.

The smooth and gentle fragrance that the salt and yuzu gives the rice malt used in Yuzu Shio Koji is a superb match.

Without worry for choosing ingredients, it can be used with anything and has limitless potential. 

Shio Koji contains protease which helps break down proteins.  When used with meat or fish, the Shio Koji softens it making it even more delicious.

Recommended recipes for Yuzu Shio Koji

Tender Meat & Flaky Fish
Apply a thin coat of Yuzu Shio Koji to meat or fish.  Wrap then put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 
Cook in a fry pan or on a grill then enjoy!

Bacon Broccoli Pasta
Begin boiling pasta and broccoli.
Sauté garlic and bacon in olive oil.  Add the pasta and broccoli to the sauté.  Add Yuzu Shio Koji to taste and enjoy. 

Just add a suitable amount of olive oil and vinegar to Yuzu Shio Koji, mix well and enjoy!

Pickled Vegetables
Take your favorite vegetables; turnips, daikon radish, carrots and cut them (we recommend turnips).
Put in either a veneer bag or bowl along with the Yuzu Shio Koji and let sit for 1-2 hours.

Soup & Broth
Use in soup or broth as a seasoning or as a way to bring out the umami of the koji or refreshing qualities of the yuzu.

Either used as a prep ingredient, a seasoning, or as a way to bring out flavors from other ingredients, Yuzu Shio Koji is a healthy all-purpose ingredient that can be used for anything. Please be sure to try it!