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  • The “Iwashi Sujime”. Easy to use, fatty Japanese pilchards (sardines) that can be used in sushi or carpaccio!


The “Iwashi Sujime”. Easy to use, fatty Japanese pilchards (sardines) that can be used in sushi or carpaccio!

As we enter the season of these sardines, Ibaraki Prefecture is proud to be ranked 1st in Japan in the number of Japanese pilchards captured.
These sardines are nutritiously abundant since they include EPA and DHA, which are omega-3 fatty acids helpful in combatting lifestyle-related diseases, and calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth.
Among these sardines are what are called “Nyubai Iwashi”. These are sardines that are caught between June and July, which is the best time of the year to get the most delicious and fattiest sardines.

Allow us to introduce the “Iwashi Sujime” from Kawabata Co. Ltd.! It is a processed good made up of fresh Nyubai Iwashi that have been marinated in vinegar.

Kawabata’s Iwashi Sujime is a successful product that is being used in sushi shops in Singapore and is made from delicious, fresh sardines that are caught in Choshi Port and quickly marinated in vinegar to preserve their freshness.

The vinegar works really well with the meatiness and fattiness of the sardines and provides an exquisitely pleasant accent.

20 sardines are beautifully and lightly packaged in 1 pack of this product.

Simply defrost the product by putting the package under running water for about 5 minutes, and cut out the appropriate amount that matches the meal you are preparing.

It’s really easy to use!

To preserve the freshness of the product, the skin of the sardines was left as is but it can be easily peeled off when you want to use it for sushi or other meals.
Unique sushi can be easily made by simply topping sushi rice with the Iwashi Sujime.

You can of course deliciously eat these sardines with the skin on so feel free to leave the skin on.

To directly appreciate and enjoy the deliciousness of these sardines, we recommend using them when making carpaccio.
Make a sardine carpaccio by cutting the Iwashi Sujime into 4-5cm pieces with the skin on, adding your preferred vegetables and spices, and finishing up with olive oil, or your favorite salad dressing.

Increase your calcium intake by simply cutting the product into smaller pieces, and adding them to your everyday salad!