Healthy dessert! “MAMENOKA WAFFLE(MATCHA)”

Allow us to introduce you to the healthy dessert “MAMENOKA WAFFLE(MATCHA)


The company that sells “MAMENOKA WAFFLE(MATCHA)” is Kanasago Foods Co., Ltd, a company that makes and sells “natto” (fermented soybeans).

The company is based on the principle of making “delicious natto” by specially selecting better soybeans, making natto using very small soybeans, and making use of a unique fermentation technique (long fermentation and ripening period).


The company also produces and sells many products including their specialty top-quality natto, “Shitogi  natto” series, natto snack “Parinntou with Salty taste”, and natto powder. Natto paste also schedules sale.


15% of the “Mamenoka Waffle” dough is made of “Mamenoka Yukishizuka”, which is natto that is less odorous and 25% less sticky than regular natto.



The dough surprisingly contains more than 100 million living natto bacteria, allowing the company to develop this product as an even healthier dessert!


The waffle uses “matcha”, an ingredient representative of Japan, and allows you to enjoy the flavor of Japanese sweets.


It is recommended to eat this product after baking it in an oven for 2 to 3 minutes as the waffle will have a crispy exterior and a soft interior.

It is recommended not only for breakfast, but also for daily meals and desserts after meals.