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“Hananoi Kodaimai no Osake” An organic sake that tastes like wine!

Ibaraki Prefecture has the largest number of sake breweries in the Kanto region of Japan.

Founded in 1782, Nishioka-Honten Inc. is known for its motto; “Rooted in the community, making sake that will be loved by customers for many years to come.” The brewery is located at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba, a famous mountain in Ibaraki, and uses water from the mountain’s underground water supply system as well as high quality local rice to produce a well-matured Junmai sake that is enjoyed with meals.


“Hananoi” is the representative brand of Nishioka-Honten Inc.

The brand name was derived from the fact that there was a cherry blossom tree at the foot of the well where the company was founded. In addition, the company is located in Sakuragawa City (Sakura meaning cherry blossom) with the Sakuragawa River flowing nearby. As such, Nishioka-Honten Inc. has long been associated with flowers.


“Hananoi Kodaimai no Osake” means “ancient rice sake” in Japanese.


This product is an organic sake made from ancient rice grown in the precincts of a local shrine using the pesticide-free duck farming method.


“The sake is made by carefully controlling the fermentation temperature so that the aroma, sweetness, acidity, and alcohol are perfectly intertwined,” says Yuichiro Nishioka, the current owner and chief brewer of the company.


Having a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, the taste is similar to a sweet white wine. This sake has a moderate alcohol content of 9%, and many customers who taste it say it has a “honey-like flavor.”


The best time to have this sake is before or after a meal, but it also pairs well with salty cured ham, cheese, almonds, chocolate, and dried fruits.


It is usually served chilled as an aperitif, but Mr. Nishioka recommends drinking it at room temperature or warmed from about 36 to 40°C to further enhance its aroma and taste.

The flavor changes depending on the temperature range, making it a very enjoyable sake.


Please enjoy “Hananoi Kodaimai no Osake” at your favorite temperature.