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It's like freshly made sushi! Salmon lovers will love "Salmon Push! 8 pieces"

P&E Foods' "CAS Quick Frozen Nigiri Sushi "Salmon Push! 8 pieces!"


P&E Foods Inc. operates a catering business mainly in the North Kanto region of Japan. We are confident in our sushi skills because of our Japanese catering services.

Using "CAS quick-freezing technology," sushi made by artisans is quickly frozen, and "nigirizushi can be eaten anytime and anywhere". We would like to create a similar product.


"CAS quick freezing" can freeze food without destroying its cell membranes, so it can be thawed and still maintain its freshness.

The salmon does not drip, and the sushi rice is moist and tender.


CAS Quick Frozen Nigiri-Sushi "Salmon Push! 8 pieces" is nigirizushi made entirely of salmon. It is a must-have for salmon lovers.

The dish is made with rice (Koshihikari) from Ibaraki Prefecture, three pieces of trout salmon (from Chile) with a refreshing flavor, three pieces of fatty Atlantic salmon (from Norway), and two pieces of salmon tataki gunkan (from Chile) with a sticky texture.  It is salmon packed to the brim!

You can compare the different flavors of salmon. Most importantly, the moistness of the salmon and sushi rice is truly impressive, just like freshly pressed piece of salmon!

It comes with soy sauce, wasabi, and vinegared ginger, and the sushi items can be arranged according to your request.


≪How to defrost and eat≫

Thaw at room temperature (25°C) while still vacuum-packed. Defrosting time is approximately 2 to 3 hours. (Defrosting time at room temperature below 20°C is approximately 3-4 hours.)

*Refrigerator is not recommended for defrosting sushi rice; defrosting at temperatures below 5°C (41°F) will cause the sushi rice to become tough.


P&E Foods can also provide "frozen nigirizushi for commercial use," which can reproduce sushi made by Japanese sushi chefs simply by defrosting at room temperature for situations where sushi is served to large groups, such as hotel buffet party courses for restaurant businesses and home parties for individuals.


If you are in an area where there are no sushi restaurants or Japanese restaurants nearby, try P&E Foods' CAS Quick Frozen Nigiri Sushi, which offers authentic Japanese sushi!