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Rich in EPA and DHA, delicious and healthy. Simmered sardines with ginger

HACCP-certified and make in a factory with ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certification.

This is a product introduction for ‘simmered sardines with ginger’ made by Miuraya Co., Ltd.

Miuraya Co. is a company that specializes in frozen foods and the processing of mackerel and sardines.

Company president Miura said, “Miuraya's factory is a HACCP-certified facility; it is also ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certified. Based on our management system and high awareness of food safety, we have built a processing line in a clean environment able to meet the diverse product development needs of our customers".
Also, Miuraya's products are made from carefully selected and processed fish from Choshi Fishing Port. The sardines are aged at a set cold temperature just before it is frozen. It is then tenderized to the bone in a superheated steam oven. After this, the sauce and fish are gently boiled in a separate process to make the fish look home cooked.

Ibaraki Prefecture boasts the largest catch of sardines in Japan.
Nyubai sardines are sardines that gain fat before the start of the rainy season which makes them popular in Japan as a seasonal delicacy from June to July.
Sardines are a delicious health food; rich in EPA, which is thought to help prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and DHA, which is believed to improve brain and nerve tissue function.

Ready to eat in 10 minutes! Tender to the bone!
‘Simmered Nyubai sardines with ginger’ comes in a package of two slices per bag, each weighting 150 grams, with each case cotaining 40 bags. A minimum  order of 10 cases is available for export. 
Just heat the frozen product in hot water for 10 minutes, and the delicious ‘Simmered sardines with ginger’ is ready to eat. When served as is, the plump sardines and the sweet sauce make for the perfect combination! The added flavour from the ginger is a real hit.

Thanks to the power of the superheated steam oven even the bones are tender. You can enjoy the fish from bone to tail without worrying about small bones, and you can even get the calcium component of the bones in their entirety, making it a truly delicious health food!

We asked President Miura for a recipe recommendation using ‘simmered sardines with ginger’.
Recommended recipe for ‘simmered sardines with ginger’:
≪Sardines with cold dressing≫
 Serves 2-3 people

1 Pack of simmered sardines with ginger
1 Cucumber
½ an Onion

How to make:
1. Boil the simmered sardines with ginger in hot water for 10 minutes.
2. Cut cucumber into thin slices and garnish with salt. Then cut the half onion into thin slices, blanch with salt and soak in water for 20 minutes.
3. Rinse cucumber and onion in cold water and drain well.
4. Add the ginger simmered sardines to the bowl and mix well.

Nyubai sardines are in season now, and they are delicious and healthy!
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