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A healthy food rich in DHA (omega 3), Ice Fish which is delicious as tempura

Ice fish taken from Lake Kasumigaura and Lake Kitaura in Ibaraki Prefecture are fish that have an average size of around 10cm. They are light with a unique sweetness and a moderate bitterness, and very healthy with a low fat content. Rich in calcium, minerals and particularly abundant in DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid.

Freshly caught ice fish are sometimes called ‘Diamonds’ by local fisherman as they are dazzling and colourless.

Abe Co.’s frozen ice fish is a thoroughly delicious product as it was made with freshness in mind. Every morning the father of their founder, Abe,  goes fishing and catches some Japanese ice fish, which he washes and ices on the top of his boat. After collecting his catch of the day, he promptly takes it to their factory, located just 3 minutes from the port, to clean. Then he selects the best fish, which once cooled, are rapidly frozen.

If gently washed in running water then thawed, you can enjoy the fresh and crunchy texture of ice fish. We particularly recommend this with wasabi soy sauce or yuzu koshō and soy sauce.

Written below is our recipe for Ice Fish Tempura, we strongly recommend you to try it for yourself.

Recommended recipe using Ice Fish:

Ice Fish Tempura

Serves 2



200g Ice Fish

Suitable amount of Tempura Flour

Suitable amount of Frying Oil

Other ingredients of your choice, we used freshwater prawns



1. Mix your tempura flour with water and then combine in a bowl with the defrosted ice fish and additional ingredients of your choosing (in our case, freshwater prawns). 

2. Heat your oil to 170 (338°F) and add your ingredients mixture. Then fry for approximately 1 minute and enjoy.


Although we used freshwater prawns this time, please enjoy this recipe with extra ingredients such as perilla leaf and corn.


Frozen Ice Fish is available to ship for a limited time only from November to July. Please try Ice Fish for yourself.