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  • A Junmai Ginjo with a refreshingly expansive, fruity aroma! The “MINANOGAWA Junmai Ginjo Muroka”


A Junmai Ginjo with a refreshingly expansive, fruity aroma! The “MINANOGAWA Junmai Ginjo Muroka”

Ibaraki Prefecture is blessed with a lot of nature, has 5 rich river systems, and is home to the Kanto region’s best breweries. Inaba Shuzo has been producing sake at the base of the famous peak of Mt. Tsukuba since 1867. At Inaba Shuzo, women chief brewers, of which there are not many in the world of brewery in Japan, produce sake, and the brewery creates high-quality sake with the goal of allowing customers to experience the climate around the base of Mt. Tsukuba.

The product we will be introducing this time around is Inaba Shuzo’s representative brand of sake, the “Minanogawa  Junmai Ginjo Muroka” (720ml).


This sake was named after the Minanogawa river which runs from Mt. Tsukuba, and is made with spring water taken from the base of Mt. Tsukuba, and the Gohyaku Mangoku brewer’s rice produced in Toyama Prefecture. It is a Junmai Ginjo that is wrung without adding much pressure to the sake cask, and that is delicately prepared based on accumulated data with zero compromises.

It is recommended to drink this in a thin glass cup or a wineglass at 13ºC to room temperature. Drinking this at room temperature will bring out a lightly spiced aroma of fruits, and an expansive fruity taste. The moment one starts drinking it, the sake is accented by the faint scent of a cask, and it goes down very smoothly. Since this sake goes well with sushi and sashimi of bland, white fish such as flounder, bass, sea bream, as well as shellfish, it will also go well with grilled seafood.


In 2018, the multiple award-wining Minanogawa Junmai Ginjo Muroka not only received awards in Japan, but it also received the Best Of Class award at the 2018 Los Angeles International Wine Competition.


Try using seafood and find what you think is best paired with the refreshing aroma and fruity flavor of the Minanogawa!