Kasama Pottery


  • 笠間焼
  • 笠間焼

Currently having over 200 kilns, Kasama Pottery boasts a history of over 250 year and dates back to the Edo period. While there are skilled craftsmen that have inherited the traditional craft, there are also many ceramists with a modern sense creating various works from everyday items to accessories and objet d'art.

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Kasama Pottery
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Its variations are limitless! “Kasama Yaki”, the pottery that keeps on developing in various ways.

“Kasama Yaki” is pottery that is being produced around Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture and has the oldest history in the Kanto region. It started in the An’ei period (1772-1781) in the middle of the Edo era, and was designated as a “national traditional craft” in 1992.

Kasama Yaki emphasizes the individuality of the artist and constantly evolves in various ways by taking in artistical trends of the time without clinging to past techniques or ideas.

It will bring color to your home, meals and lifestyle!

Rich in designs, Kasama Yaki has many unique works and even custom-made orders are available. While everyday wares such as plates, mugs, teacups, and sake cups are mainly fabricated, interior design products and decorative objects are also made. One of Kasama Yaki’s charms lies in the fact that any user can freely enjoy a multitude of different combinations of these wares.
There are products available in a wide range of prices, so you can look for one that best suits your budget.

Make your sake taste milder with Kasama Yaki!

We also recommend using Kasama Yaki wares when enjoying Japanese sake.
With diverse shapes of sake cups such as the Tokkuri, the Ochoko, and the Ginomi, they offer a more pleasant experience than glass sake cups, and also give a milder flavor to the sake.

The luxurious texture that makes use of the unique handmade structure and the texture of the clay, help accentuate the appearance of sake and meals.

Beautifully present any dish with Kasama Yaki!

The warm texture unique to pottery and its luxurious impression are charming aspects of Kasama Yaki.
Kasama Yaki’s wide range of designs includes tableware that allow you to stylishly present alcoholic drinks and dishes from any cuisine including Japanese, Western, and Chinese.

There are also many Kasama Yaki products that are dishwasher-safe, allowing them to be used for business purposes as well.
Kasama Yaki Offer:KOUZAN GAMA Mr. Masubuchi Kouji ,President


Dish Offer:TOBU Foods Service co.,ltd  Mr. Suganuma Sinji ,Director/Executive Chef




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