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You can have all the nutritional benefits of natto! “Freeze-dried natto”


We are interviewing enterprises/organizations that are actively working in foreign exports and are member of the Ibaraki Global Business Promotion Council about their products!
This time around we interviewed HIGETA SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd. , about the export goods, “Freeze-dried natto”.

HIGETA SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd. “Freeze-dried natto”


Natto from Higeta Shokuhin Co.

We at Higeta Shokuhin Co., Ltd. have been carefully making natto with a focus on quality and taste by selecting soybeans made in Japan, and by producing natto with great care through traditional methods.
The sauce and mustard are special orders that do not make use of chemical seasonings, coloring agents or preservatives. We make the effort every day to distribute safe and secure products to customers by using straws made in Japan, etc.

Freeze-dried natto "FD710 PLAIN"

Freeze-dried natto "FD710 PLAIN"

One of our recommend products is the “FD710 PLAIN”
The natto’s unique smell and stickiness are minimized. You can have all the nutritional benefits of natto and you can expect an increase to your immune strength.

Production Process

First of all, we select good quality soybeans made in Ibaraki from those we obtain from producers, then we move on to the soaking process of the beans.
For the process, we only wash them with water so as to not damage them, then finish the procedure carefully to make natto with techniques that have developed since the foundation of the company.
The beans are then flash-frozen, quickly freeze dried and the product is finished after 12 hours in the freeze-drying machine.

Arranged dishes of Freeze-dried natto

Salad Topping

Freeze-dried natto topped salad

You can have it as is for a regular snack, or for a snack to pair with your drinks. Instead of using croutons, using this as a topping for a salad can easily add to the nutritional value of natto.
You can also use it as topping for ice cream with kinako powder and brown sugar syrup. Pouring melted chocolate on the FD natto and cooling it in a refrigerator, will make for nutritiously crispy sweets!

Ice cream with Freeze-dried natto

Frizzed dried natto chocolate

"Ibaraki Jiduka Natto2P"

We have many other natto products such as the “Ibaraki Juduka Natto 2P” made from small soy beans produced in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Please feel free to contact us!

HIGETA SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd.(ひげたしょくひんかぶしきがいしゃ)

Name of representative
Hiroko Hanawa
Head office address
2-9-8 Tanaka, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture
Phone Number

Please note that the content of this article is as of 2021/02/15 , and the contents of the service may have changed or the service itself may have been stopped.


  • FD710 PLANE 

    Freeze-dried natto made by using mamenoka bacteria whose stickiness and smell are minimized.
  • Ibaraki Jiduka Natto2P

    We use specially selected small grain natto grown in Ibaraki Prefecture to make our beautiful natto with tender loving care. Enjoy with our additive-free sauce and mustard.