Abe Co., Ltd.
“Frozen Ice Fish” and the “Lotus Root Chips”


We are interviewing enterprises/organizations that are actively working in foreign exports and are member of the Ibaraki Global Business Promotion Council about their products!
This time around we have asked Mr. ABE Tomoaki, representative of Abe Co. Ltd. located on the shore Kasumigaura Lake, about his company’s export goods, the “Frozen Ice Fish” and the “Lotus Root Chips”.

Abe Co., Ltd.“Frozen Ice Fish” and the “Lotus Root Chips”

Freshness and taste

Person in charge

Abe Co. Ltd. processes, sells and retails seafood caught in one of Japan’s 3 greatest lakes, “Kasumigaura Lake”.

Mr. ABE Tomoaki states that “with freshness and taste in mind, we package the true nature of our marine products”

Everything from fishing to production, processing and sale are all systematically done in-house with particular attention to a thorough freshness.

Frozen Ice Fish

“Frozen Ice Fish” 500 grams

A pack of “Frozen Ice Fish” is 500 grams. It is a product that can be eaten raw as a sashimi dish if you lightly wash it under running water. It is recommended to eat this with either wasabi and soy sauce, yuzukoshou (made from a citrus fruit and chili pepper), soy sauce or other seasonings.

Every morning, Mr. Abe’s father departs on the hunt and captures the icefish. The fish are then cleaned and refrigerated (ice bath) on the boat and transported to the company’s nearby factory located 3 minutes from the fishing port. At the factory the product is completed after the fish are extracted of any foreign materials, filtered through a selection process, refrigerated, and flash frozen.

Arrangements of dishes that use frozen icefish.

Ice Fish Tempura

Other than eating it raw, the frozen icefish is also delicious when deep-fried tempura style!

■ Icefish Tempura Recipe

① After adding water to your tempura breading, add in the defrosted icefish as well as your favorite ingredients (we will be using river shrimp for this recipe)

② Then deep-fry your ingredients for about 1 minute in oil heated up to 170℃, and it’s done!

Lotus Root Chips

Lotus Root Chips

The “Lotus Root Chips” is 35 grams and can be eaten straight out of the packaging. Thanks to the zipper attached, the packaging is resealable.

Mr. Abe states that “The lotus roots are particularly and directly procured from local farmers. This product is exclusively made up of fresh lotus roots that are deep-fried without using breading within 2 days of their harvest”.

Because the product is deep-fried without breading, it has a light, crispy texture that allows you to taste the “authentic umami of the lotus root”.

Lotus root chips arrangements

The “Lotus Root Chips” can be used as a children’s snack or a snack to have with your drink by sprinkling your desired amount of seaweed flakes, curry powder, wasabi powder, etc.

Abe Co., Ltd(かぶしきがいしゃあべ)

Name of representative
Tomoaki Abe
Head office address
2716-13 Ushiwata, Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture
Phone Number

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