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A bean that connects countries! Café Chocolat Bitter: a premium coffee bean perfect for eating

Now, we will introduce Shetora Trading's "Cafe Chocolat Bitter".

Shetora Trading is a company that directly imports the finest coffee beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, and sells "Cafe Chocolat," a chocolate-coated confectionery.

"We firmly believe that the establishment of a direct coffee bean-focused route to the resource-rich Democratic Republic of Congo is a very important step in regards to tackling world issues such as the looming global food crisis. It has become a bean that connects countries. We would like to continue to connect Congo, Japan, and the world through trade and contribute to the revitalization of both countries," said Mr. Ogai, a representative of Shetora Trading. The coffee beans are USDA and EU certified organic, and SPP certified for fair trade.

Café Chocolat Bitter is made from specialty coffee beans directly imported from Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo and roasted at the world-famous Coffee Factory in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Specialty coffee beans are cream-of-the-crop "uniformly sized and shaped" beans. It is said they make up only about 5% of the harvested beans," says Ogai.

They are then coated in chocolate at TERASAWA SEIKA 's plant in Toride City, Ibaraki, and the boxes are assembled and sealed at a welfare facility in Toride City.
There are two types of packaging, a box and a bag, both of which are stylishly designed to show the great nature and passion of Africa. These designs were created by junior high school students in Toride City who studied about the Democratic Republic of Congo and its coffee at school.

The "Café Chocolat Bitter", with its slightly dark roasted coffee beans, is both crunchy and delicious!

It has a clean and refreshing taste, and the mellow aroma of the specialty coffee beans fill your mouth with flavour.

Frozen products can be thawed in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours, while room temperature products can be served as is.
It also pairs perfectly with coffee or a glass of wine.

Café Chocolat is available in the "Bitter", which was introduced here, and also in a white chocolate coated "White" version.

For more information about “Cafe Chocolat White”, please see here.

Connecting Countries; “Premium Coffee Beans for Eating", please try it for yourself!