Incredibly rich! “Tsukuba-pudding” with a rich egg flavor

An introduction to FUJIYA Co.,Ltd.'s “Tsukuba-pudding”:


FUJIYA Co., Ltd. located in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is a manufacturer and wholesaler of puddings made with the finest ingredients. 

FUJIYA Co., Ltd. is a store of pudding craftsmen who create new tastes under the philosophy of aiming to contribute to the enrichment of people's lives by carefully utilizing natural ingredients to create delicious and enjoyable products.

"Tsukuba-pudding" is a rich, egg-flavored pudding made with ingredients from Ibaraki Prefecture, using rich Okukuji eggs and creamy, elegant Tsukuba Sanroku milk, and steamed and baked using our original "low-temperature aging and baking method".

“We put the taste of the ingredients first," says Mr. Fujihira, the creator of Tsukuba Pudding and the representative of Fujiya Co. Mr. Fujihira is also a certified sommelier, and he uses his qualifications to make puddings with a reliable delicious taste.


“Tsukuba-pudding” is a frozen product made for export, with a shelf life of 180 days when frozen.

To defrost, place in a refrigerator to thaw for about 4 hours, and then enjoy this delicious, thick pudding and its bottom layer of bittersweet caramel sauce.


Why don’t you give the rich and delectable “Tsukuba-pudding” a try?