Texture as if it was freshly made! "Komatsuna namul"

 We would like to introduce Ibaraki Mogitate Factory's "Komatsuna namul".


Ibaraki Mogitate Factory Co., Ltd. is a company that grows high quality vegetables and processes them while maintaining their freshness while producing and selling "Japan quality" prepared foods.

By working together with the growers, we are able to achieve a quality beyond imagination by integrating the entire process from the fields to the prepared food.

"Komatsuna namul" is a fully cooked prepared dish that can be easily enjoyed by simply defrosting it naturally or under running water.

Grown with love and care by the producers, Komatsuna is made into prepared foods at a processing plant next to the fields.

Because the processing is done next to the fields, not only is the product fresh, but it is hard to believe it is frozen due to the one-frozen process.

In addition, because everything is completed by our own group, we do not pay extra costs, making our products affordable.


It is delicious on its own or with bean sprouts and steamed chicken.

Next we will show you how to defrost and recommended some dishes to be arranged.


Defrosting method

Defrost under running water for ab»out 15 minutes.

"Komatsuna namul" Recommended dishes

As an ingredient in bibimbap rice bowls

As an ingredient in kimbap rolls



It's hard to believe it's frozen; it's as if it were freshly made "Komatsuna namul".

You'll be amazed at the texture!