Snow Crab Filled Croquettes made only with potatoes and snow crabs!

Snow Crab Filled Croquettes made only with potatoes and snow crabs.
This time Kajima Inc. presents their Snow Crab Filled Croquettes. 
Kajima Inc. runs fisheries, wholesale and retail outlets, as well as eateries.  

Snow Crab Filled Croquettes, filled with Kajima Inc. flagship crab product, are so popular there is always a guarantee of customers lining up when presenting these products at events all over Japan. 
This is a certified product that has won in the National Croquette Festival Grand Prix. 
Packed in a freezer pack.  Can be eaten within 180 days. 

Using only potatoes, and snow crabs with a strong savoriness, the only seasonings used are salt and pepper. 
Each one is made with great care. 
Different than a cream crab croquette, this product does not use a white sauce. 
The crispy sensation is different than others after frying thanks to the raw panko used for the batter.

Best eaten after frying in a pan when frozen for a short amount of time with oil heated to 175℃.   
One bite will fill your mouth and the hot and fluffy potatoes wrapped around the plentiful crab result in a juicy flavor that just won’t stop. 

Kajima Inc. also sells and exports many other processed seafood like frozen crab and frozen fried fish. 

Whether it be a small dish, snack, or used as an event product, please be sure to consider Snow Crab Filled Croquettes.