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The “Strawberry Liqueur”, with an expansively sweet and rich strawberry aroma!

In Japan, the period between January and March marks the season when strawberries are the most delicious.

We would like to introduce you to Tsukinoi-Syuzouten Co.,Ltd. “Strawberry Liqueur", a sake made with strawberries.


Located in Oarai Town in Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukinoi-Syuzouten Co.,Ltd. diligently produces sake by making maximum use of the quality of their particularly selected rice which include national brands of rice, organically cultivated rice, or locally cultivated brewers’ rice, and by using the sense and traditional techniques of skilled brewers.


The “Strawberry Liqueur” is an additive-free, sweet strawberry liqueur made by using strawberries grown in Murata’s Family Farm, located in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Only refined sake, strawberries, and sugar are used as ingredients for this product. It also has a low alcohol content measured to be between 8-9, and it is bottled in 720 ml bottle.


The instant you start drinking the sake, your mouth will be hit with an expansive, rich and sweet strawberry aroma that gives you the sensation of being transported to a strawberry field.

Though it is sweet, it is still refreshing and delicious to drink. Its fresh aroma will have you wanting more after every sip! And since it is low in alcohol content, people who are not used to drinking alcoholic beverages can still enjoy this product.

We recommend cooling this product and drinking it either straight, on the rocks, or in a carbonated drink. However, we think that the best way to enjoy it is by putting a frozen strawberry in a glass and pouring in the cooled strawberry sake. This method brings out the strawberry smell and makes for an even more delicious experience.


Strawberry Liqueur is often used by cake shops in Ibaraki as an ingredient for savarin, and it is also used in the making of sweets.


Please feel free to give it a try!