Start healthy habits with “Daruma National Small Soybeans 3P”!

In Ibaraki Prefecture where natto (fermented soybeans) production has flourished for long time, different kinds of delicious natto are made in every region of the prefecture.

Since its founding in Yanagi-machi, Mito City in 1948 with the “Daruma” (Japanese doll) as its logo, Daruma Shokuhin Inc. has mainly used Ibaraki produced small soybeans as ingredients for its products.


This time, we would like to introduce you to Daruma Shokuhin’s top-selling product, “Daruma National Small Soybeans 3P”.

“Daruma National Small Soybeans 3P” uses safe and secure ingredients made from Ibaraki produced small soybeans grown by contract farmers.

1 package weighs 45g and each package includes a sauce and mustard.

The soybeans used as ingredients for natto are a nutritiously rich ingredient that contains calcium, vitamin B1 and many other components such as other vitamins, minerals, lecithin and saponin.


By fermenting these soybeans, these nutritious components increase even more. Natto is filled with nutritional elements that keep you healthy such as vitamin B2, which is said to help in burning fat, recoverin from fatigue and improving kidney functions, glutaminic acid, which is said to improve digestive health, nattokinase, which is said to breakdown blood clots in blood vessels, and polyamine, which is said to be good for your health and has anti-aging properties!


It is a delicious natto with a solid, firm texture and a soybean flavor that spreads in your mouth as you bite into it!


Start the “one package of natto a day” healthy habit today!