“Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato”, an additive-free product

Allow us to introduce you to the traditional Japanese additive-free product, “Hoshiimo” (meaning dried sweet potato in Japanese).

We would like to introduce you to the “Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato” of Terunuma Katsuichi Shoten Co.,Ltd, a company that carries out the production and sale of dried sweet potatoes with particular attention to security and safety.

1 bag has a quantity of 200g and its mode of exportation is freezing. Orders starting from 50 bags are available.

Dried sweet potatoes are an additive-free natural product that use sweet potatoes that are washed, steamed, peeled of their skin, and dried under the sun and drying machines.

Dried sweet potatoes are generally sold as 5mm slices. However, the  “Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato”  is a whole sweet potato that is dried with a springy and sticky texture that makes it Ibaraki Prefecture residents’ favorite dried sweet potato product.

The “Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato” of Terunuma Katsuichi Shoten Co.,Ltd. is a dried sweet potato product that uses “Beni Haruka”, a variety of sweet potato that has a yellow shine when steamed and that is very sweet.

Terunuma Katsuichi Shoten Co.,Ltd., produces sweet potatoes in an in-house farming facility where sweet potatoes are cultivated without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

The “Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato” is named tokusen (meaning “specially selected” in Japanese) because only sweet potatoes with an especially good quality are strictly selected.


This product can be eaten either right after being defrosted, or after baking it in the oven for a crispy exterior and a springy interior texture.

It is also recommended to eat it as a topping for your ice cream.

For more information please the specially selected  “Tokusen Drid Sweet Potato” page.