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ZEN-NOH IBARAKI(ぜんこくのうぎょうきょうどうくみあいれんごうかいいばらきけんほんぶ)

Name of representative
Takakazu Kamogawa
Head office address
1950-1 Takayama, Shimohaji, Ibaraki-machi, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture
Phone Number

Please note that the content of this article is as of 2020/11/06 , and the contents of the service may have changed or the service itself may have been stopped.


  • Powdered green tea(Sashima tea)

    Sashima Tea: Originating from Ibaraki Prefecture’s western region; a place with water currents rich with fertile land. Cultivating in an area with vast temperature differences results in thick tea leaves that feature a very rich aroma and fullness to them. The long boiling process used results in a powdered tea with an apparent sweetness and smooth flavor.
  • Renkon SOBA

    The Kasumigaura region in Ibaraki Prefecture has been blessed with fertile soil and abundant water and has become a major producer of lotus roots. Lotus roots contain a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and other components that are good for health. Our “lotus root noodles” are made of select flour infused with the richly flavored Hitachi autumn buckwheat and a dried and powdered lotus root. It is doughy, firm, and has a good texture. Enjoy the aroma and texture of lotus root noodles which a quite different from other dried noodles.
  • Frozen Baked Sweet Potato(Frozen Yaki-Imo)

    Sweet Potatoes from Ibaraki Prefecture are baked during their sweetest period and then frozen. Their sweetness is prominent when naturally defrosted and eaten cold. Even at home you can easily enjoy baked sweet potatoes simply by heating them up. A product aimed at businesses that don’t have packaging materials. You can enjoy Japanese baked sweet potatoes all throughout the year.
  • Ibarakiss Strawberry Puree

    IbaraKiss are original strawberries produced in Ibaraki Prefecture. This original product is very sweet with a good balance of sour. This is a very valuable strawberry due to its low production numbers. This puree has a rich and delicious flavor that can be enjoyed year round. The strawberries are pureed and frozen when in seasoned.
  • Fermented Rice Ice Confectonery

    This ice cream is made of soy milk instead of milk and has no animal-based fat for the healthy minded folks out there. This silky and full-bodied ice cream uses fermented and pureed Koshi Hikari rice and does not contain eggs and milk. It is the only ice cram in the world that people who are allergic to eggs or milk can eat without worrying. It has been certified Halal based on Japanese standard in 2015.
  • Yuzu Konjac Jelly

    A pack of six Yuzu Konjac Jelly pieces contains fiber equivalent to two lettuces and 300mg of fish collagen. It is a good health food that keeps you fit and helps you stay in shape. Citrus juice is made from strongly scented citrus grown in Ibaraki Prefecture to produce delicious jelly with a strong flavor. Best served cold.