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“SABA de CHU!” This is sake is exclusively made to be used with mackerel.

Sake is a resulting fruit of tradition and techniques that have been passed down for a long time all over Japan.


Ibaraki Prefecture has 38 sake breweries, which is the most in the Kanto region, thanks to our rich nature and 5 river systems.

MEIRISHURUI Co., Ltd., produces many products such as a sake named “Fukushogun” that is made by refining carefully selected rice best suited for sake, and that has won the gold prize of the Annual Japan Sake Awards 13 times. “Hyakunen ume shu” is another of the company’s products and it won 1st place in a national plum wine contest.


Allow us to introduce MEIRISHURUI’s “SABA de CHU”, a shochu exclusively used with mackerels.

It is an interesting sake whose flavorful characteristics are best shown when paired with different mackerel dishes such as simmered mackerel, marinated mackerel, boiled mackerel, grilled mackerel, etc.

It is 300 ml with an alcohol content of 16º and contains honey, thick malt syrup and lemon extract.


For our demonstration, we will have it with the “Simmered mackerel with miso” of Miuraya Co., Ltd.


The “Simmered mackerel with miso” has an incredibly rich taste thanks to its perfect harmony between the thick flavor of the miso and the fat of the fish. It is simmered softly yet the texture is firm, the bones are soft, and the feeling of flesh gently falling apart in your mouth is irresistible!


This and our “SABA de CHU” is an exceptional match!

The taste is refined and light, and the flavor of the lemon palliates the fat of the mackerel. Because this sake goes down smoothly, you may find yourself able drink as much as you please.


What a happy combination of “SABA de CHU” and “Simmered mackerel with miso”!

We believe that even people who do not like alcohol can drink it.

Please try having "SABA de CHU" with mackerels!